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our 14-month old computer decided to take early retirement about 10 days ago and i've spent the last week on the phone with dell trying to diagnose the problem (failed hard drive), replacing the hard drive and re-installing the operating system. so not fun. surprisingly, the tech support through dell was not as much as i expected it to cost and they were very patient. it only made me a little sad that dell makes their techies take on american names - are we really a country that can't pronounce satveer thereby forcing the man to call himself steve? after all that i'm pretty much ready to go back to smoke signals. or at the very least, pony express.

as a new and naive ipod owner i didn't know i should be backing up my itunes&pod stuff. according to the manual, i can't transfer my stuff from the ipod back to the computer like i thought i might be able to. any suggestions? (stu: "get a clue" is not a suggestion. thank you.)

it's been beautiest here the past few days. in nc we would already have the a.c running. it's weird getting back to having the windows open all the time in the warmer months. for example, i don't think ella has ever slept with the windows open. for example, a woman is now right under ella's window talking loudly on her cell phone - cue the wake-up crying. we have window a.c. units for the really opressive heat but i'm pretty sure we'd catch legionnaire's disease if we ran them.

the poor man's sopranos: dexter, on showtime at 9 on sundays. it's good. really, it is. (even though we have "big cable" we still can't afford HBO. with the special offer we have it's like 30 bucks to add it. sorry sopranos, we love you, but not that much).

new addiction: everybody's nuts pistachios in salt and pepper. so good. they're only $2.99 in my grocery store but i saw them in real simple magazine for $4.99. i better stock up now before someone catches on.

c.t. is treating us just fine except everything (except pistachios) is so so so expensive. of course, gas is more expensive than n.c., but groceries and restaurants and even my old friend tar-jay is more expensive. damn you, c.t.! on the flip side, clothes under $50 are not taxed so i have to start shopping for clothes piece by piece. oh, and cereal? we no longer can afford it at 4.50 for a small box. cereal has been banned from our household unless it's on super sale. send us cereal!

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