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lisa likes to...  
funny funny stuff. thanks, adina! I scrolled through the results and chose one of the most silly for number 10...

1. Lisa likes to boogie, late in the night. Lisa likes to woogie, it makes her feel all right. Lisa likes to boogie and Lisa likes to woogie ... (Who doesn't?)

2. She began working with Lehman College Child Care in 2006, but has been working with children since 1999. In her spare time, Lisa likes to watch movies, ... (Lots of Lisas like to watch movies.)

3. Lisa likes to keep busy at play as well as at work, and her choices of relaxation include reading, crocheting, creating pottery, or catching entertainment ... (Catching entertainment? Is it a disease?)

4. Lisa likes to go with the flow, she likes to listen to the song first then think about it. Taku can work both ways, but he just likes to jam and do sessions ... (I know someone named Taku?)

5. Lisa likes to make decisions, but she also liked Rick to be a little more aggressive and take more charge. Rick, being an immigrant, sometimes speaks, well, ... (I DO like to make decisions!)

6. Lisa likes to have a good time and do many things. One of Lisa's favorite hobbies or interests is music. She listens to lots of genres. ... (Music is a hobby AND an interest!)

7. When they are not playing by the forest waterfalls, Lisa likes to read a book to her old zombie of a granddad and babysit the new, seventh kid in town... (I would never call my Grandpa a zombie....unless in this case, he really IS one.)

8. When not busy on the set, Lisa's favorite hobby is boxing and kickboxing, a fiery redhead, Lisa likes to kick butt while looking beautiful. ... (I'm not a redhead but I do enjoy kicking butt.)

9. When not ringing, Lisa likes to read trashy romance novels, watch movies and do Sudoku puzzles... (This Lisa rings bells!)

10. Jason has a Persian cat named Chester, that Lisa likes to call Chest-hair. Lisa occasionally has racoons and possums invade her house. ... (Wow.)

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