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little farties  
so here's the deal: i have to write short, paragraphy updates because i can only think in staccato. it's like i'm newly ADD or something...

around ella's birthday we went to my parent's new house in connecticut and we went exploring for new playgrounds while we were there. we found a cute, old metal one where lots of kids were playing (we try to avoid the old wooden one that give you 4 inch splinters just from looking at them. ick). one 8 year-old boy befriended ella - i think his name was jacob - and at one point he turned to me and my mom and said "you know, i think we all know in our hearts that this is going to be a great friendship". it was all i could do not to pee my pants. i mean really, are kids something or what?

there's something i gave up when i moved from north carolina but i didn't realize until recently: super cheap, awesomely awesome mexican food. i just assumed that at this point, these little mexican joints were all over the place. nope. just the south (and southen california where i lived for a summer and was introduced to gooey platters of beans and rice). you know the places i mean - el cerro grande, el dorado, etc. 6 dollar plates of enchiladas and rice and beans and never-ending baskets of chips and salsa. by never-ending i mean you can sit and nurse a beer or two and eat your weight in chips and salsa. never-ending. we tried a mexican place here - el mariachi, sounds authentic, right? - and it was expensive and fancy, with only the merest dollaps of sour cream on things and one order of chips and salsa per table. it broke my little white-mexican heart, i tell you.

every so often, i'll realize a funny little phrase that has sort of accidentally become a household term for us. like ella's pink crocs being called "pink shoes" or her footie pajamas being called "her big jammies" as opposed to the ones without the feet being called her "little jammies". around here, the act formally known as "farting" has become "doing a little fartie" i.e., "whoops. i just did a little fartie" (whether or not it's actually "little" is up to the witnesses). to hear a two year-old say it makes you want to do a little fartie all day long, it's that damned cute.

we're getting the cat pee carpet replaced with some wood flooring! yipppee! that means we don't have to pass out nose plugs anymore to visitors!

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