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–on separate occasions, i caught both my husband and his sister saying "boughten" instead of just saying "bought". i guess in their words i should say i've "caughten". anyway, they both graduated from the same grade school and high school - is there a teacher there that has taught ("taughten") and entire generation to say "boughten"?

–so i had my "surgery" today for my MELANOMA. i have/had what is called "melanoma in situ" which is in the very top layer of skin. i like this write-up the best which puts my survival rate at 100% for the next 5-10 years. yikes. if that's supposed to be a good prognosis, i'd hate to see the bad. at any rate, my anesthetic hasn't worn off yet so i am sure i won't be such a happy camper in a few hours. oh, in case you wanted to know: i could hear the doctor snipping my skin out of my back. then i could hear him sewing me up. i wish i could've been put under because it's all so gross.

–in reponse to getting skin cancer, i've launched an all out sun war. i basically dress like diane keaton when i go outside now. i bought a floppy sun hat and some new long-sleeved shirts (and extra-strength deodorant). i even went as far as to buy a "rash guard" (i'm guessing it's a surfer term) which is more or less a swim shirt to be worn over a suit or bikini (in my case, a suit). we have a pool at our condo and we're heading to the beach for vacation this summer so i needed something a little more cover-uppy. i haven't gotten the shirt yet; i'll let you know what i think of it.

–we joined the ymca here in ct. i was a member in wilmington, nc and loved it and so we joined here because it's so cheap - $87 a month for the whole family and it includes one of the main reasons why i joined: baby-sitting. ella and i spend so much time together that i am sure it is a little bit mentally unhealthy for both of us. the past two days i worked out for 45 minutes and ella went to "school". she was reluctant to go at first but when i picked her up today my heart broke into five little pieces to see her sitting at the tiny table in a tiny chair having juice and goldfish crackers with her "friends". overall it was harder for me to drop her off having never left her anywhere except camp nana or camp grammy. but it's good for her and good for me to be working out again, something i used to do a lot of in the past and i already feel great after two days of minimal exercise.

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