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so, i was in nyc all stealth this weekend. i didn't make any plans with anyone because i had girl weekend plans and such. forgive me. it was the first time i was back in the city since i left seven whole years ago. i didn't think the city could get bigger and brighter but it has. times square is officially an amusement park and at night the place is more blindingly bright than ever. small buildings have been torn down and skyscrapers have replaced them, especially over near one of my old work buildings, the hippodrome. can that island hold much more?

maybe it's because i have a little more money than i did when i lived there, but i swear there's 18 million more places to eat. every corner has cute, boutique-like burger, sandwich and cupcake shops. if you wanted to eat cupcakes for every meal, you could. don't even get me started on the time warner-columbus circle building. if you knew the building it replaced, you wouldn't believe it either. and that freakin' whole foods in the basement of the "mall"? given the prices of stuff here in CT, i didn't even think whole foods was all that expensive. and it was glorious.

i met my friend lisa and her sis late friday night after my train got in. we went to a gluten-free restaurant, risotteria, in the village since my friend can't have gluten. then we went back to the hotel so she could throw up because apparently, this restaurant isn't being as careful as it should with gluten-laden and gluten-free items. oh well. saturday my friend and her sis headed to a yankee game and i met up with my friend faith. we went to chelsea market and the village and then to soho because we had to see the iphones at the apple store. i also had to see who was buying them. i was surprised that people were so freely walking around with the little iphone shopping bags - weren't they worried someone was going to jump them?

saturday night we went to one of my all-time favorite restaurants in my old neighborhood, arriba arriba! it was every bit as delicious and fun as i remember it. they had a dj. the only straight dj to live and work in hell's kitchen. how did i know? i requested cher's "gypsys, tramps and thieves" and he had no idea what i was talking about. in fact, i had to get up and listen to the one cher cd he had to see if it was on there (it wasn't):

we all settled for stevie wonder's "part-time lover".

sunday i visited f.a.o to get a groovy girl for ella as well as a sleeping bag for aforementioned groovy girl (tidbit: they're cheaper at f.a.o then they are on the web site). i was intrigued by all the "american girl place" shopping bags i was seeing all weekend and made the mistake of walking into the fifth avenue store. it's hideous; the dolls are ugly and expensive and i think it's creepy to dress your kid and their doll alike. plus you can spend a million dollars having tea with your doll, getting your doll's hair done, etc. it's so so hideous. i'm praying ella never learns about it.

before i left for connecticut i had a sandwich in bryant park, one of my favorite spots in the city. maybe people poo-poo it because it's not as big and sprawling as central park but it has seats! and tables! and the sprinklers came on and got people wet! fun!

i so love the city. i wish i could live there again. sigh.

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