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reinventing the mall  
i went to the mall today because really, when one needs something like a new swimsuit and one is shopping with a toddler, it's just easier to head to the mall. i don't love the mall like i used to. when i was a kid the mall was within walking distance of our house and it was the first place i could go by myself with friends and it was the scene of my first retail job. now the mall is just so-so for me. i'm interested in the culture of the mall - it fascinates me that parents go to the mall with two, three, four kids and that's the activity for the day. i can't think of a worse place to bring a bunch of kids unless all of your undies caught fire the night before and you seriously need some undies. the last time i was there i was shopping alone and this woman in the gap had four kids with her, ages 6 months to 10 years and she was in the dressing room exclaiming "is it too much to ask to be able to get one errand done with all of you?" and i'm thinking "yes, it IS too much to ask! are you crazy?".

today i saw a monk, you know, saffron-colored robes, shaved head, great sandals, eating mcdonald's in the food court with a bag from radio shack sitting in the chair next to him. is that even allowed? also at mcdonald's, while standing in line to get ella some lunch, there was a kid, maybe 8 or 9, standing in front of me and i honestly could not figure out if he was with the woman at the cash register or if he was waiting in line. since the line was getting long behind me, i just moved over to the next register even though it wasn't free yet and he looked at me and said, with an unbelivable chip on his shoulder, "what do you think you're doing?" and i was truly flabbergasted. i couldn't even speak. i finally said "i'm sorry, i thought you were with your mother in front of you" and he replied, really disgustedly, "that's not my mother". the mother in line behind me rescued me by pointing out that the cashier was now open and this kid could now go place his order and i wasn't sneaking ahead of him. we both looked at each other like "what the hell?" and i said "i can't believe i just got the smackdown from that kid". i don't think the woman could believe i would use the word (words) smackdown in front of a total stranger in public. sure, it's cute this kid stands up for himself, but really, where the hell did he learn to talk like that?

our mall is undergoing some renovation but the mall marketing firm clearly decided that using the words "renovation" or "construction" were not going to work so they chose the word "reinventing" and it. is. everywhere. one sign actually says "pardon our reinvention. we're busy reinventing a classic." wow. i can't complain too much since they're putting in a children's play area and now i can bring ella everyday and get bullied by pre-pre-teens while ordering a happymeal.

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