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random musings #1455  
–every couple of weeks a woman that lives across the parking lot from us (single mom of two teenage girls) goes apeshit on the guy she's dating and just screams and screams and screams at him either on the phone or face-to-face (i can hear it because her apartment windows are open or they are out on the front stoop). this morning it went on for an hour and half with lots of f-bombs and lots of suggestions on where things could be shoved up. now, my question is: this is the third time she's gone batty and certainly my toddler doesn't need to hear that shit, at what point can i go over and tell her to keep her soap opera to herself? i'm not sure she'll beat me up but i am pretty sure she will tell me off.

–we went to cape cod a few weeks ago (flickr pics here) and craig and his sister dashed to the bike shop to rent a bike and oh, just happened to run into harry connick, jr. buying a bike. i basically wanted to camp out at the bike shop the rest of the week. craig said harry was real casual and nice to everyone except he had a huge pick-up truck that he had running the entire time he was at the shop (20 plus minutes). that was a little unsavory to hear.

–i need someone to either send me this giant cupcake mold or make me a giant cupcake for my birthday. not too much to ask, is it?

–i wept with happiness when i watched the trailer for "the darjeeling limited". yay yay yay! a new wes anderson film in september!

–more ipod woes: i CAN NOT get the earbuds to stay in my ears when i work out. i even got the earbuds that loop over the back of one's ear and they still won't stay put. do i have weirdly-shaped, sweaty ears or what? the apple earbuds are fine if i'm just sitting still and not breathing but otherwise, those suckers will not stay in. jeez. now i need custom-made headphones?

–scott baio has his own psycho show. the two coreys have their own show. spice baby or posh spice or whoever has her own show. the whole of television has officially jumped the shark.

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