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random musings #768  
the universe obviously has shifted some in the past few days because my kid has slept through the night for four night in a row except now she throws tantrums when we put her down to sleep. good times, good times.

i have channeled some of my sleep obsession into some food obsession. by following some chain of web site links, i found "lunch in a box: building a better bento". this woman packs a lunch everyday for herself and her preschooler and the stuff they eat is incredible. figs! quail eggs! rice sprinkled with sesame seeds! i mean, her KID eats this stuff. i'm totally all about the cute little bento boxes and am on the lookout for them online (or the next time i'm in san fran). so cute! so compartmentalized! these meals - so healthy! but really, where do these moms get the time to mold eggs and cut cheese into little bunny shapes?

i've been on the prowl for a nice, dim nightlight. most of the ones i've tried (and i've tried a dozen) are too bright and i don't like the green or blue lit ones (although, they're supposed to be the least-disturbing to sleep rhythms, but lucky us, we don't have sleep rhythms!). anyone using the perfect nightlight out there?

on our quest to be heathly, we recently splurged and got bikes. craig got all lance armstrong on me and got a road bike. i stayed hippy and got a hybrid which is sort of a road/mountain bike. mine got outfitted with a super-comfy seat (i.e. a giant seat for my giant butt) and a child seat on the back because, christ on a cracker, i wouldn't want some slight of hand to occur and i end up going somewhere by myself or anything. at anyrate, the bikes are awesome and ella has been enjoying the rides we've recently taken. particulary the rides that take us past cows and such.

not to reveal all the intimate details of our finances, but our other "splurge" was paying off my student loan. i don't know if any of you are in or were in this situation, but i've had the loan FOREVER. my parents and i didn't know any better and we took out way too much money and i've been paying on the damned thing since january of 1997 and it just wasn't dwindling. it made more sense financially for us to take some of our house proceeds and pay off the loan - in this sense, we'll actually make money by spending money since the $200 a month in loan payments can now be saved in an account where we earn interest. i vow to do everything thing possible to insure that ella doesn't have to have college loans because paying this loan has always been a little stressful nag in back of my mind and it's been a relief to have it taken care of.

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