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children's book review #1  
at this age, ella is satisfied only if we read a book three times in a row, 12 times a day. it makes for an interesting day. and so, i present some of our current favorites (obsessions) that despite reading and re-reading are still quite a lot of fun:

since we're in the midst of potty training, there are a few potty books i can recommend that are clear and to the point: zoo poo by richard morgan is a great look at how different zoo animals take a poo. karen katz's a potty for me! has been my favorite (and ella's) potty book as it isn't too flowery and is a fun lift-the-flap book.

how do dinosaurs say goodnight? by jane yolen and mark teague features a lovable story about cranky dinosaurs with intricate dino illustrations. i love the fact that the dinosaurs have regular, human parents. there's a whole series of these "how do dinosaurs..." and if you're lucky, you picked up three of the titles at kohl's stores (kohl's is a great stop for books as they often have popular books selling for $5 with the proceeds benefitting their kohl's cares foundation). duck on a bike by david shannon has become popular in my house because at one point ALL the farm animals are on bikes and the picture of them riding around is a hoot. chicks and salsa by aaron reynolds and paulette bogan stars more farm animals with a passion for southwestern food - there's even recipes at the end!

fun dog, sun dog by deborah heiligman and tim bowers is about a rollicky retriever named tinka and her daily romps. great rhyming and this book introduced ella to the concept of a tomato juice bath if one is sprayed by a skunk!

finally, i stink and i'm dirty, both by kate and jim mcmullan have prompted us to walk around exclaiming "i stink!" or "i'm dirty" when, really, we aren't either, but it's fun. i stink follows a gruff garbage truck around nyc and i'm dirty is about an adorable backhoe and his job cleaning up a messy lot. as i searched amazon for the link to those two books i noticed that they have a book called "i'm mighty" and you might as well add that to your list too because i'm sure it's good. i've just added it to mine.

what are you reading?

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