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apple picking  
one of my fondest memories from my childhood is going apple picking at beak and skiff apple orchards in upstate new york with my family. it seemed like a long long ride to the orchard but once we got there it was so worth it. you'd hop onto a wagon pulled by a tractor and they would drive you out to the trees that were being picked that day. we'd eat as many apples as we'd pick. you could even grab a ladder to climb the big trees which was possibly the coolest thing to me and my brothers. back at the store, we'd watch them press apples for apple cider (i've yet to find a cider that tastes as good) and we'd eat doughnuts or cookies or more apples. it was so awesome.

we went apple picking last weekend which i've been hankering to do ever since we moved back up north. we found a great orchard about 35 minutes away - ellsworth hill - where we were able to pick the most gorgeous, crispest apples in the world. a while back i discovered honeycrisp apples in whole foods where they cost $2.99 a pound and every fall i would shell out half my paycheck for pounds and pounds of honeycrisps. this orchard grows them! look at this tree just weighted down with lovely, freakishly red apples:

i wanted to cut down the tree and just bring it home with me. pick your own apples were $1.10 a pound. we picked 12 pounds. their little farm store had cider doughnuts - deelish and cinnamony and tender. they also had cider which was just not up to par. maybe it's too early in the season for good cider?

the orchard was also great because they have wagons to load kids and apples in:

all in all, a wonderful fall weekend creating wonderful memories for that little bug in the wagon.

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