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the round up  
ah, my postings get more and more sparse. what can i say? life gets in the way of my internets time.

anywho, my brother is getting married this coming weekend, so the whole family will be converging upon minneapolis for the festivities. ella is thrilled at her flower girl responsibilities although i'm 99.9% sure she will freeze up after one look at the church full o' people and my brother and sister-in-law will have photos of me carrying the flower girl down the aisle to enjoy for years to come. the past few weeks i've been consumed with thoughts on what we need to pack and what activities will possibly entertain a toddler on a two leg, four hour plane ride. good thing we're traveling with grammy and grampy. if you've never met my dad, he's heaps of entertainment. plus, some episodes of the backyardigans on my ipod as a backup plan (the backyardigans? uniqua, pablo, tyrone, tasha, and austin? really, i don't like children's shows all that much). other than that, we're all very excited about parties and weddings and good food all weekend. plus, minneapolis is a very cool city.

living in a condo complex gives us lots of soap opera-like things to talk about. like the woman who goes apeshit on her kids and boyfriends all the time (she's finally chilled since someone called the cops on her). another favorite character is german shepard guy who has a mullet and walks his german shepard without a shirt on, in just his boxers, as long as the temperature is above 45 degrees. he usually has workboots on in addition to the boxers. there's another older gentleman who we call the "mayor" since he's all up in everybody's bidness and is a general busybody, albeit a nice, sweet busybody. while talking to him the other day i was pleased as punch to find out that not only does german shepard guy live below the mayor but he's the mayor's son! it's all too awesome for an outsider to comprehend but believe me, it has made me very happy in a of-course-he's-your-son! sort of way.

have you ever googled a goliath frog? holy crap, those things eat rabbits and birds and probably little children who go to bed too late. we first saw one in the excellent book "actual size" by steve jenkins which shows paper art renderings of animals in their actual size. for example, two pages are the massive eyeball of the giant squid. really awesome. when you're done looking at the goliath frog, take a gander at the goliath spider. sweet jesus!

one more thing about my condo complex: 8 million kids live here and we've had to take out a small loan to buy halloween candy because so many kids trick-or-treat here. we've also been told that there will be a checkpoint at our entrance checking parking passes as people come in against a guest list and resident list so we're not over-run with halloweeners. yikes! sounds official! we're making ella go out for hours just to haul in the loot!

i just saw this advertised the other day: booksfree, netflix for books! i'm not interested in it, because i use the original booksfree called "the library" but this is a great idea if you travel a lot and also love bestseller paperbacks. they have audiobooks too. fun!

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