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Sunday, August 24, 2003

You know when you were a kid, "monsters" were some scary business. They were MONSTERS! And ARGHH! But really, what were they going to do to you? Some might eat you. But most really seemed like they were going to do something far worse. They were gonna...


AHH! No! Don't GET ME! Noooooo! You're near me and you might accidentally touch me and your breath is terrible, you bad thing! You're scary and you want to GET ME!

Peace comes to you in a variety of ways as you get a little older. I'm 34 and I no longer fear some being GETTING ME! Now, I look at the whole idea of "I'm gonna get you!" in a very different way. Now, it means "I'm gonna understand you and not laugh in your face or look at you like I don't understand the words that are coming out of your mouth."

I don't know if my current interpretation of "I'm gonna get you" is better, worse, or just lateral in comparison to my 10-year-old view of the term. I'm just saying.

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