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Wednesday, October 1, 2003
Body Rockin'

There is a guy in town who makes his living cutting grass. He only has one arm. He uses his existing arm and his lower torso to steer the mower.

There is another guy in town who has to use a walker to get around and now he has one broken arm. He still gets around well.

The drummer for Def Leppard only has one arm.

I have a distant cousin who lost three fingers on one hand in a bizarre farming incident.

The middle finger on my right hand is missing about a quarter of an inch. It was cut off in a bicycle chain when I was a baby.

This site has photos that prove just how bizarre, resilient, fascinating, and disturbing incidents involving the human body can be.

Here are pictures of some of the intentional and permanent marks I've paid people to make on my body.

Once, on Real People, I saw a woman with no arms who could grocery shop, brush her teeth, cook, feed her kids, and I don't know whatall with her feet.

My brother accidentally stapled one of his fingers once. It was really gross.

One of my uncles has had most of his jaw removed because of cancer.

People live conjoined.

Someone had to be the first person to pull a tooth, cut open a body, dig up a potato and decide that it was something edible.

The human body is absolutely fascinating.

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