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Saturday, October 4, 2003

"Monday's Child is fair of face
Tuesday Child is full of grace
Wednesday's Child is full of woe
Thursday's Child has far to go
Friday's Child is loving and giving
Saturday's Child works hard for a living
But Sunday's Child is fair and wise, and good and gay"

I was born on a Sunday, but "good and gay" hardly describes me. Fair and wise, I agree with (hehheh), but I can't even facetiously say I'm good or gay.

My mother, obviously, hoped I'd turn out good and gay. She nicknamed me "Beth" because her favorite book was Little Women. Beth is the youngest daughter who is super sweet and kind, definitely good and gay. She also DIES YOUNG FROM SCARLET FEVER. Thanks mom. I think that little bit of foreshadowing has sort of manifested itself in the way in which I live my life. I should have died young, the way I've lived since I turned 18. I didn't even get any of the good, gay, sweet stuff my mom hoped for to sort of balance things out.

Oh man. I just now realized another Little Women/Me connection. The family in the book is The March Family and I was born in March. I can't believe I never made that connection before. 34 years, I coulda been pointing out that little ism to people. I am so not observant sometimes.

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