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Wednesday, October 8, 2003
Beth, Radiohead, Atlanta

Monday, October 6, 2003--Atlanta, Georgia--Lakewood/HiFi Buys Amphitheatre--Radiohead

A perfect show. Perfect. Extreme talent. Tangible emotion. A beautiful thing.

It felt very much like being at a small show. Or a show my friends might have played at a small club. It was guys on stage, playing really good music, really well. They were on their knees, manipulating effects pedals with their hands. They said a few random things between songs. They clapped for us when we clapped for them. No pretensions. No rock star posing. It was just right. It defined why I go see shows.

I went with my pal Amy. We met her friends Audrey and J and went to the show. Audrey sent this email today...

"Here is a link to the set list and reviews by 16 year old stoners :) "

It was my first trip to Atlanta. Our hotel was actually in Decatur and our first night there (Sunday), we (Amy, Audrey, J, and I) went out for good Mexican food. Then we went to a place called Twain's (as in Mark) for pool and beer. It was a fun night with a good jukebox and even better company.

Monday, before the show, Amy and I set out for Little Five Points. An area full of hip little shops and lots of people to look at. After a little trip on the MARTA, we weren't 100% sure how to get to where we wanted to go and we ran into two girls heading in the same direction we were, but who had a better idea as to how to get there. They were very cool people to make the ten minute walk with.

Later that day, we met Audrey and J for lunch at The Vortex. Food and atmosphere with an evil twist. And more varieties of scotch available than most uppity bars could hope to offer.

Getting around from place to place was strangely easy. There was no hassle. The MARTA is a fine thing and got us everywhere we needed to be without any stress. On the way to the airport Tuesday morning, a lady walked up to me and Amy in a MARTA station and asked us if we had Jesus in our life. I smiled and told her we sure do. That was a total lie, but it seemed to make the lady happy and it prevented me and Amy from having to hear her try to convert us. Everybody won.

We stayed at a Super 8 motel. It was cheap, the room was really clean (and horribly decorated), and it was in a convenient location. The "continental breakfast" made available to us in the lobby consisted of coffee and grocery store doughnuts, both of which were greatly appreciated by me and Amy. The hotel owner was in the parking lot with a leaf blower at, like, 9am. I thought it was a little early for such, but I also thought it was kind of sweet. If you ever need to go to the greater Atlanta/Decatur area, I highly recommend the Decatur Super 8.

There is so much about the Radiohead show that I'm not saying. It affected me. The details are mine and I want them to stay that way. That's how great music should always make a person feel. Like they got something nobody else did.

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