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This Broad Does Not Rock
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So. Last night I was watching "Gina Gershon - Rocked" or whatever the hell it's called on IFC. Let's just get this out of the way: She does not rock. She sucks. She doesn't even know the words to "I Wanna Be Your Dog." Dumbass, it's right there in the title! So anyway, there she was backstage at Joe's Pub in NY (not to be confused with Joe's Bar on E 6th which has a pretty good jukebox and cheap beer,) hanging out with her old high school buddy, Lenny Kravitz. As an aside, have you seen his hair lately? He got it straightened. He now has the same hair as Star Jones. So they're hanging out, working out their stage moves and rehearsing the incorrect lyrics to the aforementioned Stooges song for when he makes his "surprise" appearance with her on stage. Whatever, I won't get into how gay that is. She shows him her underwear at one point, also. Again, whatever. Then Chris Rock shows up. Ok, huh? Somehow I never pictured Chris Rock being friends with Gina Gershon, or even Lenny Kravitz, for that matter. But apparently, they are friends because the first thing Lenny says is, "I tried to call you the other day and I got some woman..." Chris replied with an exasperated "I know, I know!" This made up for all the awfulness I had just witnessed.

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