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The Phone Call
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So last night, Erik called me on my cell phone with a bit of an edge in his voice. "I just called to tell you that I was cleaning out the closet int he kitchen and I found an adult diaper," he said. His tone indicated disgust, so I the first thing I asked was "Used?"

No, it was not used. Whew. Then I became confused. Why was there an adult diaper in our broom closet? Who had put it there and why? Had the previous owners left one of theirs in there? But no, the closet was totally empty when we moved in. Was someone casting aspersions on my continence? Was there a little old man living in our basement unbeknownst to us?
Then I realized it was one of these.

It's a litter box liner that has baking soda stuffed into it. Not a diaper. Make note of this in case you run into one in your own closet.

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