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Ok, I'm still too busy and scattered to make any sense out of anything with any pretense towards being a "piece." So I will inflict my randomness on you, if you will be so kind, dear reader.

I have taken my car in to be fixed 6 times in the last two weeks and spent $1,200.00 of my (and 3pk's - thanks, dude,) money and it is still not fixed. Whenever I bring the car back, they get all defensive and treat me like all this is somehow MY fault. I'm not the one fixing the car here, guys. Luckily, I guess, as lot of the work they're doing is still under warranty, but jeez, just fix it right the first time.

I've been getting that restless feeling that I always get at the end of August when the weather begins to turn cool and dry. I think it must have to do with being a kid and getting excited about going back to school, thinking that this was going to be the year where everything was going to work out great, I'd get straight A's and be the most popular girl in school because somehow, everyone else would be granted with the ability to see my inner awesomeness. This would certainly not happen through, I don't know, actually talking to anyone at school, god forbid. Those fuckers were scary.

And finally, some bad slogans that I've come across recently (ok, one not so recently,)

New York Health And Racquet Club: "Think Less Feel Better" - Way to dispel the idea that athletic people are stupid.

Andale Mexican Restaurant: "So authentic you can't drink the water." - Why not just, "come eat our food and get diarrhea?"

The (not) defunct North Carolina Hurricane hockey team: "Come Watch The Hurricane Blow!" - Ahem. used cars: "Come on Line" - Ew.

Ok, sorry. I promise to do better next time.

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