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Something Witty Involving The Number 5
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1. What makes you cringe?
God, what doesn't? But going by most recent cringe inducing moments, it would be white guys trying to dance. At the Belle And Sebastian concert last night there were at least 2 that I could see clearly from our nosebleed seats. One guy was just spazzing out totally, the other one was doing this sort of "I'm boxing! Now I'm playing tug of war! Now I'm boxing again!" thing. The constant with all guys of this sort is that they are usually with a large group of girls and are trying to get with one or several of them. What they do not realize is that their horrible dancing has completely killed their chances.

2. Glass: is it half full or half empty? And if it's half full, what is it half full of? If it's half empty, was it good?
Dude, it's the same amount. And it's Diet Coke. Mmmmm, fizzy.
Do you need me to top it off for you?
No, thanks, it makes me burpy.

3. Are you registered to vote?
Yes. And I actually registered while renewing my license. Thanks, Michael Stipe! Green Party, just to piss people off.

4. If you could be George Bush for an hour, what fun hijinks would you get George into?
Assuming I had these powers, could I be George Bush and then do some sort of Freaky Friday switcheroo with the twins so that they can all see things from the other's perspective and gain newfound respect for each other?
Either that, or I'd pee on Dick Cheney. Cause I heard he likes that. C'mon, let's start a rumor!

5. Is there anything more annoying than politicians running for office? If so, tell me.
Wrestling lesbians.

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