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Ugh. That Is So Five Years Ago
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It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.
Five years ago I worked for a dotcom type consulting firm. I was showered with money and respect and stock options. I had a free gym membership. I had free bagels. I had concern for my "wellness."
I had my own apartment all to myself at a bargain price.
I was in love, for what I thought was the last time. Trouble was, we weren't together. There was a troublesome situation involving my ex. Threats of violence mixed with declarations of love; all very very dysfunctional. This freaked us out, naturally. We didn't know what to do, so we split for a while. Just until things cooled down, I thought. Except a month later, this guy that I thought was IT, was living with someone else. Still declaring love for, and accepting sex from, me, though. Soon afterwards he got her pregnant and they got married. This is when I finally got the hint. This relationship was just not going to work out. Weird, huh?
So, thanks for making me think about all this stuff I've been trying to forget. Jeez.

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