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Naked Guy
I went to see Kissing Jessica Stein with my mother last night at the gloriously air-conditioned Royal on College. We scarfed popcorn and laughed hard. The movie was complete brain candy .

So anyway, I was sitting on my front porch after the movie, checking my messages, when a NAKED GUY appears from the space between mine and my neighbours house. He waved and smiled. I ran inside.

He seemed pretty harmless and he was neither excited nor --armed (duh). But I live alone now and on the first floor and I have to keep the windows at least partly open in this I called the non-emergency number for the cops. They did a tour of the backyard and pathway and I felt much better.

So I hope I didn't overreact. Naked Guy, if you are reading this and you meant no harm: You were quite lovely-looking and it was hot and I myself would go around naked if I were in the country or had problems with social boundaries. But I write up rape stories sometimes at work, and there was this one attacker who went around naked, and I live downtown, and you were kinda on my property. So I called the cops.

In Berkely, however, they call the press

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