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Car ride

"You hurt my feelings! I'm not going to play with you ever, ever, ever again."

"never again? That hurts my feelings."

"Yeah DUH! YOU hurt MY feelings!"

"Where did you hear, "duh"?

"From myself. And now I'm going to pout!"

"How long?"

"FIVE minutes! And you're not my friend and I'm never going to play with you again."

"How about tommarrow?"


"Next week?"

"No. never ever, ever!"

"Never again?"

"I will play with you when it is summer. . . I mean winter."


"I mean . . . when it is snowing?"

"That's winter. But that's a long time away!"

"O.K. How about this? I will play with you when it is Fall."

"That's still a long time."

"When it's Fall I will make a big, big pile of leaves and you can jump in it with me. Do you want to do that? Jump in leaves with me?"

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