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7 Cats
My sister Amy has volunteered to take Sarah's 4 cats. Amy has one cat of her own, Marvin, a grotesquely fat, very sweet Siamese mix- who gets dressed in doll clothes and stuffed in my niece's toy box for "time out". Last August, when I moved back to N.C. Amy volunteered to foster my two cats. By the end of the week she'll have Sarah's four.
That's 7 cats.

I'm taking responsibility for Sarah's fish. These run-of-the-mill, basic aquarium "exotics" which have a normal life expectancy of two weeks to three years, have been alive and well in her care since she was a Freshman in high school. Awais has been busy naming them: "Brownandblacky", "Finny", "Baby Orange". Sarah could be gone as long as a year. I swear as god is my witness, I will keep those fish breathing till she returns. Or anyway, I'll do my best.

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