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Someone left a used swing set in my yard. It's huge. The one-seater chain swings that should be in the middle are missing, but the two-seater basket swing and the two-seater tee-totter swing appear to be in tact.

Counting the potential swings- it's at least a seven kid set.

It's off to the side of the yard, sitting on a little hill, next to my shed. I just noticed it yesterday afternoon. It's been chilly out, so we haven't spent much time outside. The kids have yet to notice it at all.

It's sitting there, leaning forward a little, upright, but wobbly, not "installed". I can't for the life of me figure out how "they" got it here. Had to have been either a big farm style flat bed tractor deal, driven down through someone's yard and over the golf course, OR someone(s) "walked"/drug it from somewhere near by. Or they took it apart, and moved it in a regular truck and then put it back together again.

However they did it, I'll bet they regretted this idea deeply, on several occasions on the way to my back yard ("I TOLD you we should have hacked-sawed it up and sold it to the scrap yard").

Six large/deep post holes will need to be dug to install it. I'll need at least three other people to help me move it to a better location.

I should be "oh! How sweet!"
But I'm a little indignant. (Did I advertise for a freakin' swing set people?).

And I'm a little creeped-out, too, by its sudden and unexplained appearance.

It just appeared, maybe when I slept? Maybe when we were out?
Sounds like magic- ahhh, feel the love?

It was a dump. I know it was. And that's why they didn't ask if I wanted it, cause they knew I'd say "oh, no- I just couldn't. Really. No."

Whoever brought it and however they got it here they were quick and stealthy as hell. Like reverse repo-men. Sneak-attack swing set delivery.

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