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Happy Valentine's Day Jordan M.
Happy Valentine's Day Jordan M.

For you the valentine that says "You Make Me Smile, Valentine!"- with the picture of the horse curling his upper lip- and the matching fake tattoo that goes with it.

"Disgusting" is what Awais said when he first saw it. It was in a sheet of animal themed Valentines.

The horse's nose is wrinkled in a not cute way, it's teeth are a little yellow and it looks if it's about to sneeze out something slimy or bite really hard.

For you Miss Jordan M. (little miss "I hate you"- little miss good citizen of the month)- the snotty horse Valentine. And one for you, too, Connor- Mr. Shove and poke in the lunch line.

For Jordan N. who is just nice (but Awais does not have a crush on her like Seth does) a Siamese cat.

For Sara who has freckles and likes to wear skirts, a cute Boston terrier puppy.

For Ora (and Awais' mom held her breath on this one- cause poor Ora is a bit awkward- particularly unfortunate when one is named Ora)- a fluffy Persian cat.

For Cameron- the best reader in the class, a little girl who reads the jokes on the back of the milk carton out loud at lunchtime, to Awais- a funny cow.

To Seth- who doesn't "talk clear", but is nice and funny- a speckled baby pig.

Happy Valentine's day- you heathens- the days you are absorbed with construction paper and sparkles and drawing long eye lashes on the face in your heart- won't last long.

More candy - all around.

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