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someone told me just write something

I may have gotten myself in trouble here. I'm an hour and into a 16 hour shift and already wondering what I was thinking.

I worked second shift last night, but woke up fine this morning. And by "fine" I mean, I woke up in time to get to work.

My neck is cramped and my feet burn (my job involves some sitting and some walking- I like the walking, normally, but last night a good hunk of central N.C. decided to have a heart attack & and as a result, the great humming, beasty sum of us, stayed "in the weeds".

2 hours 17 min. into a 16 hour shift- I just had a nice talk with Carl, the Host guy. On first shift they have an extra person to run paperwork all over the hospital. He'll leave at 4 and then I'll take over both jobs.

He asked me about some special reports he has to deliver. I don't know what he's talking about, but together we find them and agree a life of shuffling papers, collecting reports, would be hell.
(Not bad really, not terrible, there are worse. Sure there's worse. He worked at Wachovia out of high school and kept a fan in his cubicle. Co-workers would ask him why he needed the fan. "Because I can't breath", he'd explain. But that wasn't a bad job. No. It was fine. Nice people, good pay. But, also hell.).

Oh, there's the nun- she's here for her catholic demographics report.

2 hours 25 minutes in . . .

2 hours 44 minutes in- oh, god I need coffee. I need to get up and I need to move.
Damn that Carl, why do guys get the moving around jobs and women get the sitting still jobs?

The lst shift people have hidden the coffee pot. I wonder if it's because they think the weekenders don't contribute enough or keep it clean the way they like it. I'm betting that's why.

3 hours in or 13 hours to go. In another hour it will be 12 hours and that's good to note, because when I start working as a nurse- and I think it's going to happen. Not to jinx myself, but I start my last semester tomorrow, I'll be working 12 hour shifts at a time 3 to 4 a week. That's the norm.

Carl's got one of those bouncy balls; he's letting it ricochet through the office among the dozen or so empty cubicles.

Now he's talking to his girlfriend on the phone.

We love weekends and second and third shift. We love the anti 9-5/ Mon-Fri. not responsible for the reports one or two of us bouncing around in a 12 person office. We love knowing how to unjam the printer if we need and how to call security if we accidentally get locked out and sometimes being way too busy for the amount of staff and sometimes being way too slow.

I like messing with the thermostat.

I see my boss maybe once a month.

12 hours and 33 minutes to go.

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