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Tea Bagging

There are many unkind things to say about this picture, most of which will come naturally to all of us. Rude comments about this guy's haircut or lack thereof. Unkind things to say about the likelihood of his being able to get/receive teabagging without paying for it. Questions about whether he actually knows what he's saying.

But that's rather unkind. The "Tea Bag" movement is a faux populist movement planned for months against Obama's budget. It's been planned in advance, before the budget was even decided. The Republicans in charge of it were going to complain no matter what, pretending to get spontaneously outraged enough to rise up. And even with that in mind, the turnout has been measured in dozens; if the Bush administration can ignore the hundreds of thousands of people who rose up to protest their war as a "focus group," we can ignore the teabaggers for now.

Besides, they're not nearly as awesome as the Ex-Masturbators (courtesy of the hilariously named Passion for Christ Movement)

There are many gems to be found on that Passion For Christ website, including the poem: "The Madness, The Misery of Masturbation."

Frustrated with Myself.
I did it again.
Like a crack addict addicted to crack,
I am addicted to myself.
Seeking quick fixes.
Temporary highs with devastating lows.
Trying to satisfy the lust of my flesh,
With solo trips,
With solo voyages,
In darkness.
Despite disgust, guilt, shame, condemnation.
Knowing what I'm supposed to do,
Continuing to do what I'm not supposed to
Like Paul in Romans 7.
Justifying my sin because of the lesser consequences than fornication.

It continues, but I didn't.

It's hard to get past the awesomeness of the line, "Like a crack addict addicted to crack." If you have to ask why that line is awesome, you'll never know.

They also have "Ex Porn Addict" t-shirts, "Ex-Hypocrite" shirts, and many others. I'm frankly surprised they haven't made a killing selling to Williamsburg residents. These things are awesome.

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