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Immigration Integration

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Immigration Integration

Kimi arrived today. She is orange and white, has long hair, beautiful golden eyes and seven toes on each paw.

We did not "need" another cat. Our two cats Garfield and Sparkle are ticked off about this new emigre. They were not looking to befriend anything, much less a competitor for their food dish. After all, they have to cohabitate with a senseless guinea pig. With distaste and scornful scowls—eyes squinted and backs hunched—they yowled their rejection of Kimi.

However, integration is proceeding against the will of two human owners and in favor of one adoptee. Kimi's move to our home was inevitable—there she was, adorable, responsive, lost and needing a home so badly that every hair and bone of her body cried out "Help me, I'm starving."

How does one pick a cat? I always have felt that the cats pick me. Is it something about the way I smell and the way I touch them? Kimi's temporary owner said "don't pick her up, I don't think she likes it." It's the next thing I did after I stroked her fur...she responded by curling up tight beneath my chin and burying her head under my arm. Kimi knew she had one chance to make it good and she used all of her feline wiles.

The intake process of the new arrival here on 18th Avenue will go slowly, but a successful outcome is predicted. Rejection of newcomers is part of the Cat Act. After the hissing (bluffing) and growling (to back up the bluff) die down, we will be taking photos of the new threesome as they entwine warmly on the couch cushions.

Meanwhile, Kimi is quarantined for precautionary measures and Garfield and Sparkle are snoring soundly with only an occasional twitch of their tails to indicate something is different in their lives.

There's one less cat on the streets and a certain happy human family now has Three Owners.

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