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Ground Control to Mr. Wonderful, R U There?

One of my friends told me I should start a list of the characteristics I desire in a mate...that this list would guide me in my choice when the time comes. The time has not yet come, but I have over 150 qualifications on my list. It's a list which is good for a laugh now and then, or sometimes I meet a guy who scores high (he always turns out to be taken) and then it's dream-on time.

What I say I believe I want:

1) A man who exchanges favors with me; like, he paints my toenails and I balance his checkbook.

2) A man who cries when a person or pet he loves dies, or when his world caves in.

3) A man who does not criticize my cooking; who loves my pancakes and my chicken soup.

4) A man who will read novels to me at bedtime or on rainy days by the fire.

5) A man who can suggest what is best for me when I cannot figure it out.

6) A man who would never strike me physically, but would beat the shit out of another person who tried to harm me.

7) A man who thinks "Deep Thoughts" by Jack Handey are utterly appropriate and hilarious.

8) A man who does not hunt and kill animals.

9) A man who thinks a big breakfast on Saturday morning is a fun tradition.

10) A man who is equally finessed at fixing cars and mending broken hearts.

11) A man who likes old things, used things, recycling things, and fixing things.

12) A man who wouldn't mind supporting me if I took time off from work to write.

....anyone else have a list like this going?

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