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Spies Amongst the Worker Bodies Again

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Torture. Spies. Dumbass.

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Torture. Spies. Dumbass.

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NewsReal Reports:

[.............] ...However, there has been a nonverbally acknowledged change in this plan which They, The Superiors, will not admit to, as this story reported by the Health-Aware Staff Journalist, Kylie Lavitchky, shows. Superiors i.e. bosses appear to listen to relevant issues, but one has the weirdest feeling that what Worker Body Units say is stored away in the Superior's brain for later use in punishments, instead of being applied positively here and now. Later use? Well, imagine that Superiors are actually spies collecting evidence to use against Worker Bodies later, in case they rebel as a unit of Positionals against Superiors. Or, imagine that Superiors have begun to feel guilty for their dual fence-riding status—specifically, pretending to be refined and fair Superiors who are in agreement with their inferior Positionals' expressed needs. How can one Superior ride two fences at once? Ms. Lavitchky states, "It is being done here in the Tri-Cities Alganon Industrial Hospital, and Worker Bodies are protesting vehemently against this cruel practice."

Citizens, HealthCare is a booming business, and don't let that fact leave your mind for an instant, because you, the Worker Body, are needed to perpetuate revenue for the system. Pay no attention to information presented as otherwise. Spy campaigns are everywhere because serious money is involved. You, the Worker Body, are a necessary commodity often called a "stepping-on stone," or "article of frequent use," in the clauses attached to your contracts. NewsReal never discriminates inappropriately, so Ms. Lavitchky reminds us of additional contract clauses: A Worker Body is "an inferior to superiors;" as in "beneath," "under," "lower than." Someone must do the work. A Worker Body who forgets these simple definitions of their position will find itself in a jobless condition and unable to feed its children, or buy variety meats, or purchase crack cocaine [sic] for their spousal unit.

What we have here is a Unewt©. Ms. Lavitchky reported this very soon into her investigation of the alleged spying on Worker Bodies. She said this very thing—"you knew it," because you knew "it" (the denigration from existing as whole persons into functioning as worker bodies) was happening. This Unewt is the feared fate of Worker Bodies and they are helpless to prevent the condition if they need the job. Worker Bodies are at the mercy of Superiors, whose usury of them is the paranormal condition of their existence--to live as a Worker Body and succumb to the applied working conditions is necessary to survival. Simply stated, seeking food, clothing and shelter are the singular goals of Worker Bodies. Chain-linking the cycle of Superiors, Contracts, Workers, back to Superiors as the end-all-be-all feels right because it is all that is known. Worker Bodies don't recognize a difference anymore; in that they lose hope of overcoming their condition of inferiority. No one has overtly defined this cycle as the Imposed Robotic Unewt Condition, as such, but this day will come.

We pretend not to know that the independent human state is being tampered with. Yes! Here in America! We see that Capital Corporate America is a burgeoning concern, for certain. New and bigger boss jobs are created daily by and for other bosses, and these positions are thriving in a pocket of Middle America which perpetuates Paperwork, Policies, and Procedures at any and all costs. Cost is irrelevant if the PPP can quickly be instated and in use before the bills arrive asking for payment. Right-wingers shy away from divulging costs of PPP's to the voting public, while left-wingers focus heavily on exposing fraudulent practices at the expense of voting for better practices which benefit Worker Bodies. Quickality, a method of streamlining new PPPs, is highly prized by all up-and-coming Bosses, whether Lefts or Rights, because the faster the PPP is put into place, the more work which can be suctioned from Worker Bodies in a shorter time.

In contrast, while working within the HealthCare Industry--an industry this article aspires to focus on--a Worker Body knows that pernicious attempts at reform in the guise of rebellion used to regain Personal Identity is futile. Identity is lost in the shuffle of PPP's which clog our system of "constitutional freedom."

This is Part One. Next week Kylie Lavitchky will attend a Worker Body Forum and learn firsthand what the new PPP's for this month are. She will expose it all here.

[....addendum to the article...]

Footnote A: Bosses. A boss's delicate constitution suffers hardship during conflict, confrontation and character-building Group Studies used to facilitate relations with Worker Bodies. The Boss forgets that no part of the Group Studies is real--it's all practice for the real world, and is designed to help them cope with the emotional Positionals working under them. In reality, Bosses don't need to have strong character, it has nothing to do with money-making power. Bosses don't need to fear confrontations or conflicts from Worker Bodies, they are in control at all times. Protestations of Worker Bodies are futile. Strong characters who make confrontations are inherent types of Worker Bodies, though, because at center, Worker Bodies remain Real, while Superiors are not real, even though the confrontation does nothing to improve the Worker Bodies' condition. Worker Bodies know good and well that anything can be made nothing and that nothing was ever made into anything until a Boss decreed it; therefore always be attuned to Superiors' actions if you hope for a paycheck.

Footnote B: The term, worker body, refers to a single human being functioning as part of a work team. This involvement doesn't require the ability to contrive independent brain function processes; the body must be breathing, however, and have an operating blood circulation system. The worker body is trained to respond automatically to verbal commands, carry out those commands routinely, and enact work as outlined in PPP's. Nothing more is required.

Additional Note: The worker body is not to be confused with "worker" or "body," as those two words mean something else entirely.

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