road dust: SkeeZer's New Home: A Christmas Story

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just one match year of the kiss?

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The summer before SkeeZer moved to Flowerville, he became a very lonely and outcast cat. After witnessing many friends fighting over food, he made a vow not to use his teeth for harm. He became a vegetarian, and lost his home. After his first meal of broccoli and carrots, much to his surprise, he developed green and orange polka dots on his silky black fur. When he ate radishes and bananas, he bloomed yellow and red spots. Whatever good fruit or yummy vegetable he ate, his fur sprouted dots of lovely rainbow colors.

Looking for a new home, he spent his time spying on children and eating from trash cans. Finally, he came to a rosy pink house on Lavender Avenue, which he hoped would be his new home. If only he could convince the family to take him in. When the little girl, Susanna, saw him she shrieked, "Mommy, there's a black cat with a color disease outside!"

It was the eve before Christmas Eve. That morning SkeeZer awoke shivering in the old Spongebob Squarepants sleeping bag he slept in under Susanna's house, far from her cats, Garfield and Sparkle. They had hated him on sight, called him "colored," and spit in his face. He knew it was now or never--he had to make Susanna and her mom like him or he'd go all winter without a home.

First, since he was very hungry, he crept to the trash can on the back porch and peeked inside. The can fell over with a loud thump and clang-clang. Susanna popped her head out of the door. "Mom! Come look! That black cat is eating carrot peels from our garbage!" SkeeZer huddled there, miserable, shaking and sad. Please, his shiny green eyes pleaded, don't hurt me. "What's your name, kitty?" Susanna asked. "Rmmm, Rmmm, Sssskee...zzzrr, Rmmm." "Oh look Mom, he talks." Her mom came to the door. "We are not taking in another cat," she said. SkeeZer gazed up at her, willing her to notice how handsome he was, promising her a world of love. Then, like magic, he felt his coat changing colors. "Well I'll be," said Susanna's Mom, "that cat has green and red polka dots--why, he's a Christmas cat!" Then Susanna scooped him up, kissed him on the forehead, and took him inside to enjoy fresh fried potatoes and sliced tomatoes. It was a very Merry Christmas for SkeeZer.

It wasn't long and SkeeZer was a part of the family. Garfield and Sparkle soon tired of spitting at him, because he never bothered their food dish. He was always very careful to give them their space and respect their different-ness. One day, Garfield and Sparkle came up to him, really close, nose to nose. SkeeZer was scared, but their eyes were friendly and they were purring. "We think you are all right, old man," said Garfield. "Yeah," purred Sparkle, "you aren't bad for a cat with color problems." After that, SkeeZer was very happy and loved his family very much. He ate different fruits and vegetables every day of the week, and changed colors regularly, much to the delight of his new family.

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just one match year of the kiss?


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