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The bike ride to City Island where lobster and shrimp were eaten

City Island is a small island (yup) in the northeast corner of the Bronx that is home to quaint little shops, seafood restaurants, and nautical paraphernalia. It's about 28 miles from my apartment if you ride your bike.

1:27pmOur pal Jeff put together a little bike ride up to City Island this past Saturday. You may recall Saturday as they day where it was supposed to rain a lot but it didn't. It was good time, although it started out on the fairly highly trafficked Brooklyn Bridge (piles of tourists) and then on over to the path on the west side (piles of tourists + gaggles of bikes + fleet week). I could have done without both of those.
We did get to ride on the new extension to the bike path on the Upper West Side - this is the new path that goes out over the Hudson for a little bit. Neat. Bananas were eaten at Fairway and my mom called to tell me that our home answering machine wasn't working.
Wait, one second.

Here's a "happyrobot: didja know?" fact: we still have a landline and an actual physical dust-collecting answering machine that our mothers (and really only our mothers) leave messages on.

OK. So, where were we? Oh, right. Upper West Side.
Right before the Little Red Lighthouse, Jeff took that wrong turn at the sports fields that leads you into the woods and across the plank and through the sometimes homeless village. I didn't follow and took the less-homelessed-villaged path with Mrs. Robot and then got to spend sometime at the light house with her discussing derailleurs while the rest of our party was probably fighting hobos.

At one point, Jeff's lovely girlfriend had her sunglasses smashed while we were all jumping up and down for a group photo. He had the self-timer on the camera set to shoot consecutive frames. In this animated GIF you can see "here we are jumping" and then "there go the glasses" and then "they get stepped on" and then everyone has a sad.

It's all good. Manhattan on a bike is pretty easy these days. As we left Manhattan (right after photographing the street sign at the intersection of Cumming St. and Seaman (near where our pal Sarah lived in the late 1990's)) we crossed the bridge into the Bronx.

After a brief stop at Target (where one our riders went in and bought a whole new wardrobe (as she had been wearing jeans)) we cruised up Broadway. Not especially pleasant. Lots of traffic and double parking and testerone.
We wound our way through a few parks and after that it was all bike paths (some good - some a bit shabby) for the most part.


Viva Lobsters
4:07pmAt City Island, we ate lobsters. And shrimps. And drank wine and beer (i originally wrote "bear" (we are so hardcore we DRINK BEARS!)).
It was a fun day.


Jumping for City Island

In HS I had two close friends that lived on City Island. I have fond memories of cutting school, taking the train and walking from the park over the bridge onto the island.

Glad you had a good time.
»liz ||  6/4/2010 ||  1:52:07 AM
All bike rides should involve a stop at Target!
»lisa ||  6/4/2010 ||  9:08:46 AM
you kids biked right past my hood! and yes anytime you are in Inwood you must past Seaman and Cummings (hee hee - still makes me giggle)
»k ||  6/10/2010 ||  1:54:22 PM

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