Medium Format Film
My Rolleiflex camera is a beautiful piece of craftmanship. I bought it in the mid-90's.
The camera had been with it's original owner up this point and they had owned since the late 50's or early 60's. They had treated it decently. It had very few issues (although it has developed a bit of a sticky shutter since I've had it) and the glass was in good shape.

For a while it was my go-to camera if I was shooting stills of the little movies that friends were making. It had a fast lens and was quiet and because of the size of the film, you could shoot a higher ISO/ASA as long as you didn't need too large. Everytime I view the images I made with it, I tell myself that I need to use it more often.
Maybe I will.

1995 or 1996
This was a party at a friend's house in a small town (and in the middle of nowhere) near Raleigh. MattyJ and Blaine were there as well as Tamara. It was in honor (I think) for my pal Laura. Her friend Hannah hosted it at her little house.
I think it's a combination of post-college-ness, middle-of-nowhere-ness, black and white film, and shooting with the Rolleiflex that makes these photos kind of... special. I am not even sure if the party was that fun. I don't remember. But looking at these images gives me a funny feeling in my soul. More so than other images. Not sure why. Maybe I miss my youth. Best not to dwell.


Blaine & Matt

The Porch


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