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I vow to remove my privates from Facebook

Facebook Stealing My Privates!
I recently updated my privacy settings on Facebooks as all the other kids are doing it, but I think I locked it down so much that you have to be operating at least at Thetan Level III in order to view my profile. Speaking of thetans, according to the internet once you reach the highest level in Scientology you can actually move things with your mind. Like the Yodas do! And I quote from the internet:

At some point one is to eventually reach the state of Cleared Theta Clear, a spiritual state which Hubbard describes this way: "A thetan who is completely rehabilitated and can do everything a thetan should do, such as move MEST and control others from a distance, or create his own universe."

By the ways, "MEST" stands for "matter, energy, space and time" - so not only can you move matter, but you can move energy. And space. And time. Now, I'm not saying that your "religion" is "crazy", but, um.
Well, actually, I am. That's crazy talk. Until someone can move the water bottle on my desk with their crazy thetan free mind, that is officially crazy talk.


I always have to remember that FB is free and has given me hours upon hours of enjoyment and that I don't have my address, SSN, or PIN posted on it. If I did, I might be nervous about the privacies. But, I am not.
People seem a bit crazy about it.
BTW, I've used the word "crazy" already too much in this BLOG post and my PIN is 3914.
(very smart people could take that faux-PIN and figure out my real PIN somehow... "the numbers he picked will lead us to the numbers he is trying not to pick!")
(then they will withdrawl all my money!)

Question: Girls and Bikes
Do "girls" (aka "womens") still ride "girls'" bikes? We were looking at bikes this past weekend and I saw this clever little purple single-speed jobby that looked like it would be perfect for Mrs. Robot. I think the bike was marketed towards the womens, but it also had a straight top-tube. On the way home, we counted the number of women on non-girl bikes (the majority) and noticed that most of the women on girls' bikes often fell into the following groups:
- statuesque model type
- crazy lady
- old lady with tennis racket

Ladies: What are you riding?
And don't you think that little purple bike was the bees knees and Mrs. Robot needs to buy it?

Oh, Martin
A friend from university (aka "the college years") had this as her status last night.
"I am afraid that the schools will prove the very gates of hell, unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures and engraving them in the heart of the youth." -- Martin Luther
I get what she is saying. I don't agree as my vague Methodist background tells me to keep quiet about religion. It's personal and you don't discuss it and it doesn't really belong in the schools. This all led me to looking online about other things that Martin Luther said about religion and schools. I didn't find much unless you were discussing a Jewish school - and in that case you don't really need to explain the holy scriptures to the children because you will be too busy burning down their school and setting aflame their prayer books.
I didn't realize that Martin Luther hated the Jews. Good going Protestants!

Baron Ambrosia: Yo, that is crazy!
If you live in the NYC you might have come across the TV show "Bronx Flavor" with Baron Ambrosia. You can also watch it online. The Baron travels through the Bronx looking for delightful food while at the same time getting involved in low-budget misadventures. The show is goofy and maybe a little juvenile, but I like the Baron.

The Cause
Most of this blogging post was written post-afternoon-espresso.

Yeah, Lutherans don't really like to talk about the fact that Luther went crazy pants where Jews and Catholics are involved. He was more or less reasonable–as far as deeply religious people can be–as long as you didn't bring up those, but man did he get pissy.
»stu ||  5/18/2010 ||  11:32:43 AM
There's some interesting stuff, actually, about how Luther might have been radicalized by really uncomfortable hemorrhoids.

Marx had issues with them as well. It made him cranky.
»stu ||  5/18/2010 ||  11:34:02 AM
I ride a hybrid that's heavy with lots of speeds and wish I had a cruiser with a big gay basket.
»pony ||  5/18/2010 ||  12:57:25 PM
Also, about women's bikes, I've been trying to figure out what to do to get my girlfriend to bike with me.

I think most people who want to be considered serious cyclists won't use a bike without a straight top-tube because the bikes are weaker because of that, and it's not necessary these days unless you wear a skirt all the time.
»stu ||  5/18/2010 ||  1:27:01 PM
since we have to tote our bikes upstairs, I'd love to find something for Mrs. Robot that isn't so heavy. She, too, has this hybrid thing with lots of gears, but it's also lots of heavy.

This is what I want for her: small road frame + old school three speed.
»:r ||  5/18/2010 ||  1:32:42 PM
The old girly bikes with step-thru frames work for the summer when you don't change to sports clothes to bike. Great for dresses (no flashing your panties) and the more upright stance means less cleavage to the public as you don't lean down.

It's such a pain trying to swing my leg over my bike frame in a dress. So embarrassing.
»pony ||  5/18/2010 ||  1:50:51 PM
Hmmm. I'm not sure less flashing and less cleavage is the way to go to convince us here.
»stu ||  5/18/2010 ||  3:03:38 PM
@Stu - yeah, i didn't think so.
Re: facebook - I really hate it when ppl migrate all their correspondence through fbook. It's always felt too big (company-wise), and too slight for important letters.

This whole "more people visit fbook than google" is going to their heads. A total "bigger than jesus" kinda conceit.
»pony ||  5/18/2010 ||  4:00:52 PM
clap my hands. nice job. i think you're a writer of talent. ... not that you care, but you had me at the thetans and the final shot - the bookends... i was like, 'dude. thetans, just move his water bottle. it will be real. the end. we will be good and believe now...' but we'd muck it up. that is what this site is... silly humans saying silly things but making an artifact... remember front
»kristen martin ||  5/18/2010 ||  8:38:17 PM
you know, i never really left my village of myspace. i still know a few folks back at that "internet hub". websites will be like virtual cities. blah blah blah.
»kristen martin ||  5/18/2010 ||  8:42:35 PM

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