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Customer Service is not job #1

Customer Service Fails
I sure do like to complain about months. April was a month of customer service fails. I honestly don’t understand how you can afford to fail in regards to customer service. To me, that’s an integral part of any business and it surprises me even more when it’s done by a large company that obviously has more than one person failing. I don’t get it.
Most of my problems were just straight up communication issues. It's not hard to reply to an email. People are never that busy.
(i have a theory that 99% of us aren't that busy. we just like to appear that we are and this somehow makes us seem more important and with it.)
(i include myself in this. i am too busy to "blog", and by 'busy', i mean 'lazy'.)

Last month we had three incidents of customer service failures. Two were with separate companys that sell 'Metro' shelving accessories (we have like a dozen of those). In one case an item was backordered (happens) and a new delivery date was given which then passed with no item. Then two weeks passed. Then three.
This company, which looked legit and all that, just ignored my emails and their toll-free number just went to a voicemail box.
Eventually after a particulary snarky email (and looking up the CEO on LinkedIN) did I get a reply and magically the item two days later.

The other company was much more with it, except for the "order status" page which during the whole process - even up to the day the item arrived - stated that my order status was "N/A".
Reallly? N/A?
I mentioned this to their LiveChat customer service person, and it seemed to be a known issue. Why they haven't fixed this, I don't know.
Fix it.

Computer Repair Fail
We had a sick computer and dropped it off a computer repair shoppe. They gave us an idea of how long it might take and said they would call us with an estimate for any charges.
What followed was basically week of nothing. Now, I understand computer repair/diagnosis is a tricky thing, but I don’t recommend the following business model:

* Automated email stating computer will be fixed on a particular date
* Email that follows the previous email and states to ignore that email
* Daily emails stating computer will be fixed on a different day, although no cost/estimate has been communicated ("You can pick it up Tuesday!")

It was frustrating. We ended up going by the shop and just picking up the computer. They couldn't recreate the error (which I understand (it happens)) and didn't charge us anything, but it was a kick in the trousers when we get home, turn it on, and blammo! There's the error.
(yes, we unplugged accessories and turned off software and waved incense over it)

But, Why
Why? Why do businesses full of obviously smart people (I mean, they run a business!) sometimes just drop the ball on customer service and communication? How is that NOT a priority?

Service Wins
I am trying to organize and minimize the numbers of boxes of negatives and prints in our apartment. Part of the plan is to at least scan some of the good stuff that I haven't scanned yet. MattyJ recommended and I got my first order back last week (as those on facespace might have noticed). Not only are the scans good, but their customer service and communication was great.

(only downer is that they are based in arizona ('you can't spell arizona without nazi!'))

On the flip side, when someone goes above and beyond on customer service I want to send them a thank you card and banana bread. Just for doing their job in the first place.
»lisa ||  5/10/2010 ||  11:43:05 AM
Baby :r and baby mattyj!
»chris ||  5/10/2010 ||  7:50:24 PM

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