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People who visit the Glass House should also ride the Tour de Cure

Oh, weekend
You were a nice one.


9:42amThe Tour de Cure is the series of fund raising bike rides that the American Diabetes Association hosts all over the country. My brother was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when he was about 10 years old. That's the diabetes with all the insulin and poking and shots and general hassle. My father was diagnosed a year or two ago with the other type - that is the somewhat common one that older people get and can often be treated via diet and exercise and very little poking and/or prodding.

This fund raising bike ride was PERSONAL!

The Tour de Cure, unlike the MS bike ride in the fall (and the actual Tour de France I suppose) is very lo-fi. The sponsors aren't as fancy or deep pocketed and I got the feeling that they needed more volunteers. They also needed a bit more signage.
I did the 55 mile ride which was a loop through Manhattan and then across the GW Bridge and up to the Rockland County. Here's the route!

Unlike some of the other rides I have done, the Tour de Cure was lo-fi in the actual ride. There was no police escort or blocked streets, and the 55-mile group was pretty small. I think we had about 100 people? It was just like we were all friends on a bike ride together.

It was a pretty fast ride and I did well until the last 10-15 miles when it started to get quite hot. Oh, heat. You are a pain. The proper ride was 55 miles, but I clocked a little over 72 because I rode to and from the event (I watched it click over to 70 as I was going across the Manhattan Bridge).

I haven't spoken to my brother yet, but I assume his diabetes is now cured... right?

HB Serge
10:10pmSaturday night was our pal Serge's birthday. They live up in Washington Heights and have access to a huge roof overlooking the Hudson and GW Bridge. There were shredded pork sandwiches (made in the popular 'cubano' style) and great wines (1994 Chateau Musar (the one from Lebanon) and Dom Perignon). Good times.

Philip Johnson's Glass House

Sunday we went up to New Canaan (in the CT) to go on a tour of Philip Johnson's Glass House (not the Johnson House built by Philip Glass). The Glass House is the house he built that is made up of all windows. It's an amazing space that looks out on a stunning landscape. We had a great time and as a someone who took many art/architecture history classes at university I was properly geeked out about the whole thing.

The Glass House is all cool and stuff, but I had never read about the very cool circular pool he built across the yard from it. Very handsome pool. There's also the Guest House, which is the opposite of the Glass House in that it's all brick except for three windows on the back (facing away from the Glass House). It was closed because of a "dangerous mildew issue".

You know what else was closed? The secret underground passage from the Glass House to the Guest House. I didn't even know that there was an underground passage between the two buildings.
Why was it closed?
"It's full of snakes"

On Living There
Here are my issues with living in the Glass House (if I did):

- The roof is basically flat (technically it's convex (or concave) so that the water in theory rolls off, but looking at the ceiling and the amount of water stains, something doesn't work well there. That would drive me batty. Water stains on ceilings are my least favorite things.

- You'd have to install screened doors.

- With the view there, I'd never get anything done.

- You'd have to install curtains or else everyday you'd be up at daybreak.

- I'd be nervous of visits from Sasquatches.

- I'd have nightmares about the underground passage with all the snakes.

CSA Bounty
Sunday night Mrs. Robot made a strawberry and rhubarb crumble type of thing. Delicious.

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