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The Power Structure and/or Impending Coup

Morning Bike Ride
Mrs. Robot has to wake up early for her new job (she has a new job (early morning donkey wrangler)) and I thought since she is waking up early which in turn wakes me up early that I should take advantage of that and go for a bike ride in the morning. During the week I usually try to ride back every day after work but this often gets canceled because of wine drinking or food eating or socializing with people - also, it is sometimes really really hot.

I am riding through Prospect Park this morning and come across a pretty scene of morning sunshine and trees. I stop to pull out my phone to take a photo and realize I have taken Mrs. Robot's phone by mistake. I know this because Mrs. Robot's phone has a photo of our dear late Robot Kitty on the home screen - whereas my phone has a photo of Mrs. Robot (sabering a bottle of Champagne).

This brings me to the whole point of this "blog" post.

Our Power Structure
Back when we had our dear sweet Robot Kitty, we had figured out that there was a very obvious structure to our household.

(note: kudos to MS Word and my new Mac for making the process of producing that little graphic super easy)

In the wintertime, you could see it for yourself. We'd be sitting on the couch. I'd be scratching Mrs. Robot's head or pawing on her in some way. She'd be scratching Robot Kitty's head who would be sitting on my lap flexing her claws into my leg (that was her idea of being affectionate).

The cat was kind of funny in this structure. She would always sleep on my legs or curl up in my lap when I was on the couch, but she rarely did this with Mrs. Robot. I think in her mind Mrs. Robot was the person who brought the food, administered medicine, and would do various unpleasant things whereas I was the guy that once assisted her in catching a mouse (or two).

No Cat
Now that we don't have our cat anymore, I am not sure how this structure works. Has something replaced the cat's position?
The iPhone? Our new Powerbooks? Krug?

Will there be some sort of transfer of power? Are we on the cusp of a coup of some sort? Will there be a monkey involved?

Hey Americans!
Happy America Day!

Hey Canadians!
Happy Canada Day!

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