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What I did this summer: food

This summer was all about the CSA we joined. We’ve always talked about doing the CSA thing, but like running the NYC Marathon, it’s something that we don’t just quite get around to doing.
We ate well and learned a lot and probably lowered our cholesterol a bit.
Favorites: so many types of tomatoes. And purple-y peppers. And dark red carrots. And mixed greens that tasted like greens. Beets (not my fave, but the fave of Mrs. Robot). Crazy eggplants. Radishes.

Lobster Rolls!
We ate our weight in lobster meat served on a roll this summer. The Lobster Pound in Red Hook made our favorite by far and honestly it probably had more to do with the perfectly crispy, buttery, and toasty roll. It always bums me out when places cheap out on the roll.

My summer goal was to figure out how to prepare/cook mussels. It was something I had never done at home and I had been meaning to ever since I realized how amazingly cheap they are at the fish shoppe. The recipe I used was on the Mark Bittman ‘How to Cook Everything’ iPhone App - mussels and chorizo done “Portuguese” style.
Pretty much an idiot proof recipe: mussels and chorizo on pasta with tomatoes and basil.

The food carts in Portland were great fun and the next time we go there, we’ll hit those up every single day in order to try all the options. I am super jealous that there is a cart that (beef) pho - even more jealous because it was quite good.

One of the farmers markets in our hood was selling gooseberries this summer and I pretty much fell in love with them. I had heard of them before, but wasn’t really sure what they were. I mean, the name itself. Berries from geese? Um.
If you haven’t had them, they are like tiny tomatillos (in that they have a husk). Inside are little yellow-ish tomato type things. A bit sweet and pretty much a perfect snack.

Secret Taco
At least in our corner of Brooklyn, Fast Fresh Deli is still serving some of the best Mexican food in the area.

Crab Legs!
There is something about eating king crab legs in a restaurant on a dock in Alaska that seems to make them taste way better than any crab you have ever had. Ever. About a week ago, I bought some and tried to recreate the dinner. It was good (serve with Champagne). Since they come frozen, I want to get them again and try a different technique in warming them up. I also need to make proper drawn butter.

Art of the Table!
While in Seattle this summer, we had dinner at Art of the Table. Brilliant dinner.
I don’t have any decent photos of the actual meal for some reason (that’s a good sign I suppose).
Snow pea panna cotta! Details here!

Lobster on City Island!
A bunch of us rode our bikes up to City Island this summer. I’ve barely ridden in the Bronx and that was fun. Mrs. Robot isn’t a huge bike riding type, but she did well navigating some of the nutty traffic - so that was great. We then ate barrels of fried lobster and shrimp. I’d rather it wasn’t all fried, but I didn’t complain (at least I don’t think I did).

Rockaway Tacos!
During the Labor Day weekend, we rode our bicycles down to Rockaway Tacos (check their website for the helpful "tacos here. beach there." map) in Far Rockaway. Long lines and douche-y local teens across the street, but it was some good stuff. We had chorizo, beef, and fish tacos. The fish tacos were by far the best. The chorizo was a bit odd (kind of ground and smushed into a patty).
While eating out tacos on the boardwalk, I was hit in the head by a wayward soccer ball.

»n8 ||  9/8/2010 ||  7:01:12 AM
I always thought gooseberries were called ground cherries.
»pony ||  9/8/2010 ||  11:08:23 AM
You know, I'm a bit confused as to what call these delicious things myself. The farmer guy called them gooseberries, but he also calls his tomatoes "Hair Loom". Online, it's tough to tell. I found a lot of things called gooseberries that don't look like these.

For the time, I'll just call them "delightful little husky thing" (which is what I also call my sister).
»:r ||  9/9/2010 ||  9:38:33 AM
You don't have a sister.
»pony ||  9/10/2010 ||  10:47:12 AM
But if I did... she'd be really mad at me.
»:r ||  9/10/2010 ||  10:59:44 AM
I would've hung out with you all summer. Except on the seafood days. Dang.
»lisa ||  9/12/2010 ||  1:22:24 PM

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