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gary coleman and muhammad ali

last night's dream had gary coleman and muhammad ali in it... little gary (or "arnold") was *sick* and Ali came by to cheer him up on his "death bed". oh, that gary.. he's always up to some sort of tomfoolery. (my dreams have gone into summer re-runs if you are wondering)

update. i got shoes.
we are going to my old roommate mike's wedding this weekend (mike is bean the cat's dad), and i realized that i really don't have any shoes that look 'nice'. so i needed some dress 'em up shoes. i ran down to fluevog and lo and behold they are having a sale, and i bought these for $69 american dollars

then there is matt. matt and i constantly buy the same clothes or shoes, sometimes by accident and sometimes just because we don't care. matt had also been wanting these shoes, but in a slightly different color. he ran down there and got them (and another pair.. what is he.. made of money?), and ended up meeting john fluevog himself. D'oh!

here are 2 fine articles i just read this morning:

Curse of the hippie parents

Microsoft lobbying campaign backfires; even dead people write in support of firm

hey dude. there is a cobra in your mouth

stuff about cars.....

cars. living in nyc, i gave up my lovely honda accord when i moved here, and have been out of the car loop for a while. except when we travel and rent a car, which happens maybe 4 or 5 times a year.

this may be an unfair review, being a rental car and all, but the Ford Mustang is one of the crappiest cars i have had the displeasure of driving in a long time. i also should point out that we had the "mustang coupe" which is the entry level version. more than being a crappy car, i couldn't believe that ford would put the mustang name on such a piece of junk

my complaints are as follows:

- the mustang coupe has by far one of the weakest engines i have driven. my '86 4-door accord could smoke this thing. it seems like a really weak engine in a car that is too heavy.... always a formula for success. c'mon ford, i know this is the entry level model, but it's also a MUSTANG... america, apple pie, all that... this car insults america (look, patriotism!).

- the driver's controls are really badly designed and flimsy... like early 80's bad. Mustang "engineers" apparently have never driven anything remotely well designed. the turn indicator is clunky and you can't just flick it on and off. the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel are a joke... they barely qualify as buttons. the steering wheel successfully seems to cover any and all important lights on the dash regardless of how much you adjust your seat or the steering wheel. the glove box has enough room for, well, a pair of gloves. oh, and the general (very inefficient) design of the swoopy dash board is pretty much a joke.

- they have these boy-racer 'air intake vents' on the side of the car and the hood that are really tacked on vents with a black rubber 'grid'. they look like some sort of vent, buy you know, they aren't.

- for the size of this car, you should have a lot more space on the inside (lord knows the engine didn't need all that space). the ratio of outside space to interior space is really bad.

the good points include a loud horn, and it didn't break down. and beach chairs fit in the trunk.

i'm sure the models with the bigger engines are pretty fun to drive, and live up to that goofy american muscle car tradition. the entry level one just stinks. really stinks. i should of rented a taurus instead.

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