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john lawton likes cake

did you realize how much john lawton likes cake? good god, he does. lawton is leaving his current job, and moving to another company. the company that john (and myself) worked for before this one loved cake. any office event was accompanied by delicious cake. please, if you know him, send him cake.

this is john's great cake entry on palaver.

so what is up with people telling each other their dreams... this is such a weird human habit. i am totally guilty for doing this, but as soon as someone starts to tell me theirs i kinda slip into "nodding + uh-huh" mode. why are we so driven to tell people about our dreams, but on the other hand, why do other people's dreams bore us to no end?
or am i completely off base on this.

last night i dreamt that i went and tried to do stand-up comedy at an open-mic night at a comedy club. i totally bombed... so much that the wife was mad. i mean, i must of really stunk to make her mad. the irony/pathetic aspect of it was that when i woke up i kept thinking, "i wish i coulda remembered the few jokes that actually worked"

dude. i am so doofus-y

beulah and the mates of state are playing at the bowery ballroom on october 6 here in nyc. i am beyond excited.

this is noteworthy because i was recently telling someone that i had no plans for the future except for stuff the next week... now i have something planned for october.

am i the only one that has no idea what they want to do in the "future"?

ok. this is pretty funny.

last night, i redid the photo portfolio here on happyrobot. the original page was one of the first big "coding" projects i did (with pounds of help from WWMJD)... in 1999, my code wasn't nearly as pretty as it is today. (thx mj)
check it out here :

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