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Father Rapers

what is up with the shark constant shark attacks in florida? what are those sharks up to? maybe this is the beginning of the reign of the shark and us humans don't have much time left. maybe tim burton should be making "Sharkraham Licoln" as his next movie.
we went to visit our pals in wilmington, nc, this weekend. i got to go swimming in the clean, clear, and warm atlantic ocean. we did not see any sharks, be we saw about 15 dolphins, and that was pretty neat-o.

saturday night me and my pal mark were discussing the song Alice's Restaurant, and we both agreed that one of the funniest parts of the song was about the "father rapers"... we then decided to start a band called the "Father Rapers" and just cover KISS songs, but change the lyrics.


father raping, we decided, was a social problem that we had to bring to light via stupid songs. we also planned to do some tv spots with local politicians talking about how wrong it is allowing father rapers to freely walk the streets.

DVD players. i don't have one. mark was amazed and said that i may be the last dorkie/gadget-y white guy that doesn't have one. he then proceeded to playing Crouching Dragon fight scenes on his with his super surround sound stereo. now i am thinking i may need one of those things.

my friend Matt Malloy has lots of new toys, which if you know him (and some of you do), you would be surprised to find out that he has his own G4 and an awesome little home studio full of fancy mics and keyboards and mixing things. this is the same guy who owns more 8-tracks than CDs and until he reached his late 20's hadn't had a checking account. it was fun to visit him in his brick-exposed apartment for a cocktail party.

matt is also in a movie that our friend Bo Webb produced on slamdance (which is where my old roommate kristy works). check out "TAPER"

scott is a freelance web developer person. when it snows, he calls the radio station to announce that his company will be closed... of course he's the only employee
this just in, forcefield web development will be closed for incliment weather. all employees should stay at home until further notice

sometimes i have good reason to be judgemental.

developers! developers!

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