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Das Boot: My Boot Debacle of 2011

Knocking Boots
You may have heard on “TV news” that there was a huge snowstorm here in the BigStink right after Christmas. We missed the actual falling of the snow, but did get to deal with the 400-foot high snow drifts and carrying luggage through it portion.
It got me thinking.

“I don’t have any snow boots”

How did that happen? I’ve always had snow boots. People may be surpised to hear that while growing up in the mountains of NC, we had a good bit of snow every year. More than we have in NYC usually. I always had snow boots and proper snow gear and spent many hours barreling down hills on orange plastic sleds.
I move to NYC and for some reason I give up on snow gear. Little by little I abandon the long underwear and glove liners and funny hats and polar bear spray (not to repel polar bears, but to clean the polar bear you already have). Here in Nueva York, you need snow gear for like... one day. And then it gets all scraped and salted and gone (unless you live in some crazy corner of the city) except of course then you have slush, but there isn’t a lot of slush-specific gear out there.

But, after this big storm, I’m like, “I need some sort of boot or shoe because this slush stuff is lasting way too long”. Because I’m a weirdo introvert who hides in his apartment, I didn’t go out and buy boots, but ordered them on the internet-tube; probably why it was a bit of a debacle.

Sorel 1964 Premium™ T CVS
This was my first boot purchase. Post-SnowApocalypse, it was difficult to get boots online as they were all out of stock. I found a vendor on Amazon that had them.
These boots look really really cool. In the photos. In real life, they lose something. It all looks a little fake-y. My issues (apart from not really able to get the size correct) was that they are huge. I mean, they are proper snow boots, so you expect them to big. I just felt like Jane Fonda in the movie with the big furry boots when I wore them.

L.L. Bean Waxed Canvas Maine Hunting Shoe
Once again, there probably isn’t anything really wrong with the boot, but more with my feet/legs or something. These things fit real crazy. Super wide, but most annoying was the fact I almost pulled a muscle everytime I put them on or took them off. I’d have to basically unlace them to get them on/off and even then it wasn’t super smooth.
So, you are thinking, “Well, it’s obvious, he has huge calves”. But, I don’t. When I laced them up, it was like I had skeleton legs.
I think you are supposed to wear huge (like 15 pairs) socks with them.


TRETORN Strala Vinter
First, yes, these aren’t boots. But they may be the coolest looking boot-esque things you can buy. I mean, look at those green bottoms! I ordered these from Piperlime because I had a Gap gift-certificate given to me at Christmas (you know, because I’m still in college (ha! I kid!)) and they arrived a bit pre-worn. The bottoms, which are bright green, had obviously already been worn on a surface that wasn’t carpet.
Honestly, these are kind of cheap shoes. They are supposed to be waterproof (not sure I believe that as the construction is sloppy). They feel a bit wonky when you walk. It feels like you have something stuck to the bottom of the shoe and you foot is never flat. They are cheap.
That said, they have a cozy lining (although it kind of fuzzes out) and all the ladies in my office thought they were cool looking. I’m keeping them.

Hunter Original Short Boot
You’re asking yourself, “Dude. Those are *NOT* snow boots!”
True. They are not snow boots. I’ve realized that the most important aspect of a winter boot is not necessarily warmth or treads or whatnot, but being completely waterproof since we have weeks of slush after a snow storm.
These boots are not warm, but they keep your feet dry. I’ll just wear thick socks with them.
I think this will be the final boot purchase. For now.
(See, I set myself up for a sequel)

Speaking of Snow
Last night's THUNDER-SNOW storm gave us some real pretty snow.

Good Morning Snow

I don't like snow boots with laces because snow and ice get caught in the crevices and make it hard to unlace. I agree that waterproof is more important than warmth.
»j ||  1/27/2011 ||  1:55:52 PM
The LLBean boots were good because they had laces, but the tongue was connected to the shoe. Great for keeping out water and/or tiger urine; yet it also made it hard to get you foot in.
»:r ||  1/27/2011 ||  3:06:29 PM
I've got the Tretorns in green and love 'em. Got them in the summer to be my rain boots, but found that they're perfect in the snow so long as you wear thick socks with them. And uh, I too get attention from the office ladies when I wear 'em.
»jeff ||  1/27/2011 ||  6:27:18 PM
Boots. Such a pain.
»lisa ||  1/27/2011 ||  8:07:00 PM
I went with a pair of all-weather waterproof hiking boots from LL Bean that look space-agey, as if they're a snow-boot version of a track shoe. They are dry and warm and walkable and goofy-looking. I settled for 3 out of 4.
»jb ||  1/27/2011 ||  8:44:46 PM
If you like the Tretorn style get yourself some Blundstones for everyday.
»jb ||  1/27/2011 ||  8:59:10 PM
OK, that settles it. I'm buying another pair of the Tretorns.
»:r ||  1/27/2011 ||  9:51:11 PM
You really should have consulted me, Rich. I can't believe you didn't. The Hunter boot solution is fine, however, but if you should be looking to expand your winter wear horizon, check out Sorels, Pajars, and Canadienne boots. That said, this year I went for BOGS. Need lots of warm socks, tho.
»pony ||  1/28/2011 ||  11:24:16 AM
»pony ||  1/28/2011 ||  11:25:17 AM
I looked at the BOGs when I was buying the Sorels.
The BOGs are still on my list as they seem quite cool.
»:r ||  1/28/2011 ||  11:42:24 AM
last year i returned 3 pairs of sensible boots before settling on these less practical beauties.
»pony ||  1/28/2011 ||  2:40:03 PM

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