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Three Things (One Involving a Nude John Ball)

Founding Smackdown Father
Senor John Ball was often nude in my college-era apartment. If he wasn’t nude in the bed with my roommate (who was a girl type roommate (and I assume they were nude (some of the time))) he was taking a shower during a party and wearing my towel around the house afterwards. Or he was doing somersaults down the staircase in our apartment after a game of strip poker.
Nude somersaults on carpeted stairs = lots of carpet burn opportunities.
Mrs. Robot won that particular game of poker.

Speaking of this towel.
I was probably in junior high school and my brother and I were given these bath towels with our names on them. They were quite fancy for the time. I used that towel for many years and took it to college (where John Ball also used it) and at some point it ended up at parent’s house. The towel is now probably 20+ years old. It’s threadbare and has the same absorbency as, er, something old and threadbare. Whenever we visit, my mom puts that towel out for me and on the last visit I made a bit of a pouty stink about that towel.
“Mom, it’s old and ratty. I’m going to get another towel.”
“But that’s the towel that so-and-so gave you and you always used!”
“Mom, that towel is so old. It’s barely a towel anymore. We should get rid of it.”
My mom, bless her heart, loves to save things for sentimental reasons. Often for sentimental reasons that are a bit silly.
I hate that towel.

Hilarious Auto-Correct!
There are internet sites that feature hilarious (!!) typos that were caused by the auto-correct feature on many popular phones. You know, when they meant to type “Your mom and I are going to Disney” and it comes out as “Your mom and I are going to divorce”. Terrifically funny.
I’m offering my services to anyone who wants to get involved with this meme! Send me your phone number and I’ll text you a message with a hilarious ‘auto correct typo’ in it!
This will be great.

oh lordy. The things I did with that towel.
»jb ||  2/1/2011 ||  3:40:25 PM
happy birthday richard.
»kristen ||  2/2/2011 ||  11:24:38 AM

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