Stupid Internet
Do you know how much spam comments we get here these days? A lot. It’s so annoying. Because I’m a tad clever, you don’t see a lot of it. I won’t tell you how it works (monkeys) but it seems to kind of work and very few legit comments get trapped.

They suck. If you are not pining for feedback on something you wrote you are getting riled up by something someone says. It’s almost like a situation where there isn’t any type of winning.
News sites are the worst.
Someone on the internet the other day called for the shutting down of comments on websites and going to a model where it’s basically trackbacks to Facebook or Twitter. Basically move them off the content site and onto social media. Her idea was a bit more concise and not under the influence of cake. News sites are the worst. And they, like the internet, suck.

The Internet Doesn’t Suck
- Internet gave me a career. A career in internet.

- I met Adina via internet. And then met her sister. Who then met MattyJ. And then they made babies. Internet!


- Internet allows me to show my mom vacation photos (using a combination of FLICKR and TeamViewer) and do a fun slide show from 600 miles away.

- Internet allows me to chat with my niece and nephew and show them the toy robots I have.

- Internet is the reason my inbox was overflowing with messages from the The Facebook this morning. Birthday wishes from far and wide! My cousin in Denver, the girl I “dated” in the 8th grade, co-workers who site mere feet away, my aunt in NC, friends from college, and the girl who I had a crush on in the 4th grade (who married a friend of ours after running into each other on the internet years later (I think I get credit for that marriage actually)).

- I’ve ordered a lot of boots from internets

- MattyJ spent a summer in Spain but was still working at his job in NYC via the magic of internets

- Many people have either gotten married or had naughty times meeting people via internets

- I have a place to write my poorly organized ideas. It's called happyrobot. Holy shit, this site is now like... 12 years old? Google: Please buy us now.

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