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John Ball Cars
For whatever reason, I used to pride myself in that I knew all the cars that our friend John Ball had owned throughout his life.
Pontiac Fiero
Volvo 4-door
Geo Metro
Mitusbushi Gallant
There’s a new one, but I don’t know what it is. Camry?

I have not made the love-making in any of those cars. I’d be interested in knowing if he did; especially in the Fiero. That I’d like to hear about. I was making a list of the types of cars that I had experienced intimate love in and it’s a really short list. Not because I haven’t done 'it' (oh, I have! (ask you handsome sister)) but because everyone has the same two Hondas.
(Now making out in cars is a way longer list)

Kids Today
The kids today with their SUVs. Holy moly.
That’s like a mobile bedroom. To think that some teen couple’s first auto-liaison can now take place in a space similar to a twin bed with a decent amount of privacy. Damn.

Mobile secret sex party!

I'm not telling you any stories
Except to say.
Front seat. Honda. Daytime.

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