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I've got a crush on you

iMovie + Beat Happening
I made this video for you. Mrs. Robot.
On lovers day.
Because you are my sweet. eee.

Card for me
Mrs. Robot gave me this lovely card this morning.
Chateau d'Yquem, of course, as you all know because your cellar is stocked with it, is the incredible luscious sweet wine from Sauternes in France. Some consider it one of the greatest wines of the world.
Some think it's over-hyped.
Mrs. Robot thinks it smells like heaven.


Nice work on the video.
»eve ||  2/14/2011 ||  12:02:52 PM
this is brilliant .... you two are so darn cute!
»k ||  2/14/2011 ||  11:25:39 PM

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