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As a teen, I made out with girls. Once or twice.

Teenage Making Out

When I think of teenage making out, I recall the energy and intensity of it all and it reminds me of my cat and how she would suddenly lash out and scratch my hand and the sudden slice on my hand that stung and was hot and the blood that would start to seep out.
Out of control. Intense. Hot.
Teenage Making Out is like a cat scratch. In my head.

Define: Hot
When I say “Hot” I guess I could be meaning “hot” in a sexy way. But I also always remember being way over-dressed (more making out during the school year + mountain town = usually chilly?) and having matted hair wet with sweat.

Looking back at the Teenage Making Out, there was always a hilarious location aspect of it. Library cubicle. Closet. Some car. Freezing cold outside in the woods. Tennis court. Field. Drained lake. During a math tutoring session. Location was a big element because you of course had no privacy as a teen (unless you were one of those teens who had parents that left town every weekend (what were they thinking??)).

I’m too old for that jibber-jabba. You are totally sexy, but can we at least go inside where it’s relatively warm? It’s muddy out here. My back is sore.

As a teen, you don’t seem to have any issue with crazy making out in a car when there is another couple mere feet away.
Often you are talking to the girl about something benign as you drink your wine coolers and next thing you know the couple who is in the back seat and part of the conversation mere seconds ago are now “embracing” and there are sounds of heavy breathing and clasps and zippers.
“So, what was your favorite science-based teen movie: Real Genius or Weird Science?”

What annoyed me personally was my teen brain’s idea that making out had to lead to a long-term relationship. Yes, I had some proper and lovely teen romantic relationships, but there were many times I probably hurt my making out chances by fretting some sort of relationship element. I’d like to speak to high school freshmen and tell them to not sweat the relationship thing in high school. Everyone should just be making out.
Relationships can wait until your mid-20’s.

The “sexy” Smackdown From Friday
I wrote and re-wrote that entry and was never happy with it. Mainly because the only things I find sexy these days (apart from the missus) are:
Ladies in rain boots
Various Apple Devices
Quirky red-haired actresses (extra credit if they are dressed up as a sexy taco)

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