What I always say
Certain evenings where there is great food and wine and the friends are all handsome and the waitstaff is nice and the lighting is warm I am known to mutter, “there’s no where else I’d rather be right now than here”.


I’ve been crazy busy at work. I know we all say that. Who isn’t busy?
But my calendar is way multicolored. So many items. So many colors. Chock full.
Today was a busy day. Not only did I have a 9am meeting with the CFO (Captain Funky Orgami) but I had another meeting with, um, other high up people and another meeting with, um, other people and a call with a really tall guy and I really needed to be on top of my game.

Tuesday Night at Bar Boulud
Oh, my. I’ve eaten at some nice restaurants. I’ve spent money. I’ve sat next to interesting people. I’ve groped bathroom attendants. For whatever reason, I really really enjoy Bar Boulud. It’s across the street from Lincoln Center - which if you know me (and you do (sexily)) is way up town and a place I rarely go. It’s the Daniel Boulud restaurant that kind of celebrates wine. The space is “barrel”-ish.
We met the lovely KMAC there last night and feasted like king-types.
Oh, what did we have?

- Uber-garlicy escargot
- Little cheesey poofs
- A plate of sliced ham
- Pâté
- A bottle of Burgundy (of the white variety)
The ladies had some sort of monkfish and a coq au vin (I really like their coq au vin (or as I call it “winey pollo”)
I had the sausage B/W tasting plate. Blood sausage (the black) and the boudin (the white). Damn.
- A bottle of wine from the Jura (FTW)
- Some sort of dessert.

We were there for three hours or so. It was all good and just what I needed to do before a day of big meetings with big people. Actually not. Staying home and going to bed on time and not drinking a bunch of wine would have been a better idea.

That’s not even the best part!
The best part is this.
There’s this guy. I think he might be a little nutter. When we first moved to NYC back in the 1930’s, we saw this guy twice in one day. Once in Central Park and then again that day in Brooklyn. It was odd to see the same person in the big city.
You may have seen him before. He kind of looks like Albert Einstein; or at least he’s rocking that hair. He’s about 50? 60?

Ever since that faithful day, one of us will see this man at least once a year and it’s always in a different spot. I think the last time I saw him was on 23rd and Park a few years ago (and I took a photo (don’t have it right this second)).

To review: we see this guy all over the city. He’s like “our guy”.

Last night we are stumbling out of the restaurant and who is standing on the curb, but that guy.
OMIGOD. That guy.
He’s waiting for a bus (or yelling at a bus (not sure)) and we walk out to jump into a cab. As we are getting into the cab, he yells at us, “Go home and get on your computers! Have some alcohol! Kill your brain cells!”

We yell something back; probably way more cheerfully than he expected.
Who knows what we said.
I think I said, “We’ve had enough alcohol already”

To summarize
Not only did we see the guy, but we kind of “talked” to him.
This is major.

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