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My Late Smackdown: Big Square Television and Other Old Media Things

In our living room, we have a big, boxy Sony television. I bought it in the early 2000’s from J&R downtown and somehow my pal Jeff and I were able to get it into a cab and then up the three flights of stairs to the apartment. It must weigh four or five tons.
At our company (brooklyn wire brush and robotics), March is bonus month so I’ve been eyeing more flatty televisions for a number of reasons. I bet I could tell you those reasons right now.
Well, primarily I’d like to get some sort of AppleTV thing; this way we could stream NetFlix (which I realize you can do with like every device on the market) and push content from our iPhones to the television. It’s also cheap ($80? $90?) and the interface of course is lovely.

Additionally, so much television and movies are in that stretchy aspect ratio which on a normal sqaure-y televsion means that the actual picture is smaller than normal.
That’s kind of an issue, too.

Old Television
Now, what do I do with an old Sony television that works fine and is still in good shape.
Sony WEGA. 23inch screen.
Know anyone?

Land Line
We still have a land line. Our mothers are the only people who ever really use it. After power outages and terrorist attacks, it’s the always working communication device so I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it.

Boxes of Albums & Cassettes
I hate albums and cassettes. I know I shouldn’t say that (at least about albums) but I don’t think this rule (of liking albums) should apply to people who live in apartments in NYC.
I wish I had the balls to throw it all out.

Man, I like my Kindle. I still like books, though.

I have that same tv and dont know what to do with it. Anyone want two?
»klutch.xls ||  3/1/2011 ||  9:45:51 PM
I just bought a new 42' TV and I now have more or less the same TV issue that you have. For a while I was considering just using the old TV as a TV stand for the new one, just for the hell of it.

Since i ruled that out, I don't know what else to do with it.
»stu ||  3/2/2011 ||  12:22:30 PM
i had a big tv i got rid of for free on craigslist. the guy who took it said that his elderly and infirmed mother, who doesn't care about flat screen tvs, needed to replace her broken one but didn't have the dough and that this was going to make her day. which in turn made mine.
»anon ||  3/3/2011 ||  2:18:51 PM

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