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Her Name is Lily

Then there was a puppy
No, we didn't get a puppy. But my brother did. Her name is Lily (the puppy, not my brother).
Look at those paws!

If you are keeping score...

My brother: (1) wife, (2) kids, (2) cars, (1) 4BR house, (1) dog
Me: (1) wife, (0) kids, (0) cars, (1) run-down rent stabilized apartment (0) dog/cat/animal

That is the sweetest looking dog. He's pensive!
»jb ||  5/10/2011 ||  9:18:41 PM
But how many bottles of wine each?
»j ||  5/11/2011 ||  1:52:41 PM
how many bitchin indie webworlds each?
»solstice ||  5/11/2011 ||  8:57:21 PM

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